4th day of QUARANTINE Gratitude

This is just an image.

“When ENTHRALLMENT is you’re looking for, many a times you end up with INTERNET for the answer.”

Just walking around in my balcony, sipping in a cup of green tea. I was lost in my own thoughts- figuring out what can be served as the next thing for thanksgiving in my upcoming blogs.

I softly chuckled, imagining how would it be for my dear readers to read my blogs everyday and that’s all about Gratitude. (I hope you don’t take it as a mundane to-do. It is very important for you to realize the power of Thankfulness. It brings abundance. Trust me on this.)

As soon as I got a new insight for the blogging gratitude- my laptop, my brain and a closed room was my next practice.

You guys remember I talked about how these days people are nominating each other for playing a variety of games- gesture challenge, BINGO, Ludo, etc.? That just made me thoughtful of WHAT WOULD WE ALL BE DOING WITHOUT INTERNET? It would not be a tough task to spend a few hours without it. But, 21 days in a row at home with nothing interesting around? Oh lord, I myself, am so clueless. 😮🙄

“Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God.”


Referring to the image above, what kind of emotion hits your body or mind if you find “Aww snap, something went wrong” or “Error 404! Page not found” ? Well, we all know that peace of mind comes through internet nowadays.

In fact, If I speak of myself I have a big reason to be thankful to internet. YOU GUYS! I could never be able to connect and share my thoughts of thankfulness through this platform.

Feeling grateful for it is great, but have you really utilized it in the most optimistic way? Have you really scrutinized the internet services you are paying charges for on a routine basis?

We have restricted our internet usage these days. Office work, social media, hitting likes, hearts, claps, sharing memes, tracking celebrities Quarantine lifestyles these days, that’s it? Or something different is up? I would be happy if you prove me wrong here again.

So, I dug deep and found some interesting things that can be done to engage yourself through the internet. I have listed a few of them. Kindly go for it. You never know, your pastime can turn out to be more exciting.

  1. Explore Craiglist missed connections- if you want some hilarious stuff to get into your pastime. You must go for this one. It will be worth your valuable entertainment time.
  2. Work for a cause- Join any NGO to work online with the like-minded people. Get involved with people that put their efforts selflessly for a great cause in the society.
  3. Hit the unattended roads of YouTube- Diversifying your searches over YouTube- watching cartoons, paranormal activities, ways to garnish your favorite dishes or, history of the world. Anything you want.
  4. Begin Blog writing- just like I do 😛- Be it Medium.com or you look for more exciting platforms, write to express your thoughts if you love it.
  5. Sell your things online- Platforms like Etsy or eBay can be used to sell your unused stuff or your self-made items. You sell and you earn online (if it works in the days of quarantine).
  6. Learn a new skill- A new language, a dance choreography, self-defense moves- look for it. You’ll be productive.
  7. Listen to relaxing sounds- Sit back and relax. Calm your senses. Play some soothing music like that of light rains, beach waves or simple meditative music. Close your eyes and bring your focus on each body part.
  8. Plan-out the trip of your dreams- A country abroad or the unexplored India. Which place is it you want to explore after the Corona Virus outburst vanishes? Plan it out. Search for the place.
  9. Tour a country virtually- And before you plan for a tour to a country, tour it virtually using Google street view. Roam around the place using this application.
  10. Read shayari, poetry of famous writers/poets- Search for beautiful poetry by Sh. Harivansh Rai Bachchan, Mirza Galib, Gulzar, or Rabindranath Tagore.

List is long. Google more. Search more, and loosen your knots of limitations. Most importantly, appreciate and show your gratitude for internet.


And here it comes, the ACTIVITY time!!

ACTIVITY- “Scoop out your thoughts more and do something out of the box. Involve someone along with you, be it your parents, siblings, or spouse, and do these activities. It’ll be more fun.”

You have something to share? Comment section is the space. I am all ears.

Thank you,

Kanishka Joshi



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