9th Day of QUARANTINE Gratitude

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“SMILE. GIGGLE. LAUGH. Shout it out to your heart.”

Can you recall the famous laughter of Maamo urf Dr. Asthana from the evergreen comedy “Munna Bhai M.B.B.S”? And have you ever tried his tactic to tackle tough times? I am sure you haven’t. Well, I did not either. 😅

Or if you have watched “Oswald- the Octopus” (one of my favorite cartoons) that used to telecast over PoGo channel long time back. What I loved about Oswald was his ear-to-ear grin he used to wear every-time.

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to practice any of it without fail. But it is really important to understand the gist of it.

And today’s gratitude is to your lighthearted laughter.

Thank You God, Thank You God, Thank You God!!”

DAY 9: BE GRATEFUL TO YOUR Hahahahaaaaaa……

We, as humans, love to laugh or giggle. From Charlie Chaplin to the trending era of Laughter Clubs with Zakir Khan, what fascinates us to the utmost level is the sense of lightheartedness. In fact, the only emotion that could help you surpass tough times like these, is the humorous hits to your mind and soul.

Now the question comes, what does a grin or a laughter do to you? Why would you even smile? Why shall we show jolliness when we are sad? Let me put forth my ideas on each of these questions one by one.

A smile or laughter brings a sense of satisfaction. You are blissful and surreal from within. That is when it is all natural. Contentment will smoothly lure your mind, heart and soul to be gleeful. The more you showcase your aura of happiness, the more you attract wellness.

Exhibiting the attitude of joyfulness amidst the misery cuts off anxiety and negativity to a great extent. Because your focus is benignly shifted to a thought that, “No person, thing, or situation can disrupt my Peace of Mind”. You try to magnetize a positive part of yourself.

Rejoice your inner-soul. Bloom yourself like a flower. Practice your LOLs and HAHAHAAs regularly. Do not fade your energy levels with fluctuating happenings. Do not be a victim of hardships. Make your Joyful face your best characteristic. And most importantly, be grateful that you are capable enough to align your energies with Humor.


And today’s Activity for you, my dear readers, goes like:

ACTIVITY- “The moment you come across a situation or a person that intends to disrupt your inner peace, follow your own mantra of how to lead a Happy-Go-Lucky Life. For example, my mantra to tackle such phase is “I expect the Best out of it.” That mantra should affect you positively and should immediately help you to harmonize yourself. Avoid using negative words like not, no, never, etc. ”

Thank you readers, for supporting me constantly. If you want to share anything, comment section is the space. I would love to hear it from you.


Kanishka Joshi



Reading the writings and writing the readable is all that matters.

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Kanishka Joshi

Reading the writings and writing the readable is all that matters.