Oh, my sweet little piece of heart,
I have been longing for you
To be your soul’s other part
and, to walk an extra mile with you.

I search for you all around me
Craving for your existence
In the end, it all feels incomplete
Questioning my own emotional stance.

I have a clear picture of you in my head
And how deeply we are going to connect
It all begins with ‘a click’ it is said
Alas, you still have not turned up yet.

I try to fit you in every other man I see,
But they all refuse to walk an ‘extra mile’ with me.
As a young woman, I wonder if you’re like an infinite sea,
Where the search never stops, it is just water all around and I keep on looking for you hopelessly.

Well, my love for you is so deep,
That is why I still believe that you exist.
Then there will come a day, where my prayers shall finally reap,
And, our bond will seem like a jigsaw puzzle that perfectly fit.

I wish you are the one,
Whose love is unconditional,
Who delves deep into me as a person,
And not just with the beauty superficial.

In the ‘end’, I wish for our mesmerizing ‘start’.
To break the silence between me and you.
To make our promises to never stay apart.
Although, I still have not found you,
Even so,
Hereafter, I vow to always walk an extra mile with you.

Thank you, Readers
Kanishka Joshi



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Kanishka Joshi

Kanishka Joshi


Reading the writings and writing the readable is all that matters.