Call it, MAGIC’. Call it, TRUE’


I believe in my dreams. To be specific, I am talking about the Dreams that I see during my sleep. Every time I encounter them with my closed eyes, they tend to indicate something. It is magnetic. It feels like some divine power is flowing through me and speaking through me in the shape of pictures, visuals, or sounds. I can sense it. So, if you question what makes me believe in this unrealistic truth I come across in the nights? A few past experiences made me strongly believe in them. My unconscious state speaks the truth to me.

And what is making me write about it, today? There is an undefined blast of emotions coming out right now because of what I witnessed this morning around my regular wake-up time.

For the past few days, I have been trying to gather and recollect all the strength that I lose every time I lose contact with someone I adore. Last month has been rough on me. Not externally, but because of the internal struggle I have experienced day and night. A fight between my thoughts and my reality. To seek answers to the questions I have been raising in my present, I have been meditating for the past 4–5 days. I am trying to talk to the supreme power about what has been planned for me? I have been putting efforts through meditation to seek inner guidance in the form of my intuitive power. The two aspects of life where I have faced turbulence are the Relationship and the Career. I know that I am not in control of what is coming up next, but I am gathering my soul to accept and to react calmly and justifiably to what is coming.

In response, to all the energy I have focussed upon and within myself, today, in the morning around my time to wake up, I saw a girl in my dreams. With a placid face, and peace that was visible on every inch of her skin. With an innocent grin and eyes that were not fluctuating and were constantly on me. She was just looking and looking and looking. At that point of time in my dreams, my heart spoke to me and said, “It is you who needs undivided attention in the present. You shall seek happiness and peace. You deserve it. You are your own gem, you are precious for yourself. You will guide yourself through every storm that presents itself in the way and no power can harm you in the long run.” And now, to reveal the identity of the girl that I not only saw but felt through my heart. IT WAS ME. I saw myself as an image I never had in my mind before. Seeing myself in such an exotic state was surreal. A bliss. It is me who has the answers to my own questions. I am the one guiding myself at every point of time in my life. It has always been about what I am and what I really want. I need to be original. I need to know myself better. I need to be friends with myself. And what I want will come along and follow my life path with me, magically.

Thank you, Readers,
Kanishka Joshi



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Kanishka Joshi

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