Ek Zindagi meri, Sau khwahishan

Kanishka Joshi
2 min readJan 14, 2021
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This song, on loop. Playing on my phone and in my head. The lyrics have strongly glued to my emotions. It presents how firmly you dream big, aspire to achieve them and catch hold of them right there, in your hands.
All that I am is because I already had them in my brain for years. I am born with my own visions. Whenever I lose track of my life, I breathe in my ambitions into my consciousness. I gain the confidence to live for myself every day. What I am not today, will be live in front of me soon. I hold the strength to succeed in achieving them.

Dreams. Ah!! Small or Big. Are an emotion, not just a word. You get swayed away by the thought of living them once in your entire lifetime. Life is long, people will break you. They might tear you apart. There might be the crooked road that you opt for your journey. Life will pause you, stop you. There will objections, unavoidable circumstances might cause hindrance. But. You, my friend, are strong. Confident. Unbreakable. Uncut. Determined. Possible. Unrealistic, yet firm for what you want. You are a kid. Throwing tantrums within yourself, to your supreme power, confirming that yes, you will be there one day. All your crazy desires ‘shall’ come true, ONE DAY. You have Faith. You have Hope. You are Sure.

Keep going on and slowly, steadily or hurridly, you will get there.

You see, you’re already shining. I see the glitter in your eyes while you’re reading this as if you’ve already got hold of them. Well, I am smiling I assure you. Because I truly, madly and deeply love what I want. And I am so positive that my life would present me with an exquisite and picturesque window. This window would connect the dots in the most unimaginable way where at the end I would say “Luckily, this happened. And it was meant to unfold in such a pretty way.”

I have one life, and too many dreams to live by. And I will achieve each one of them.

Until then, my friend, all we have to do is “SMILE”. And give out a big shout-out for the most enthralling and happening life looking for us ahead in our time. Can’t wait to meet ‘myself’ in the future. Yayy!!

Thank you,

Kanishka Joshi



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