Let’s take a BREAK!

Kanishka Joshi
2 min readAug 30, 2022


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It’s time for us to take a break.

Take a break from what, if I may ask in particular?

Let’s take a break from being under-excited about the present and the normalcy we’re carrying in the routine.
Let’s take a break from the cycle of our normal overthinking brain driving us crazy subconsciously- constantly judging things, people, circumstances, surroundings, etc.
Let’s take a break from the physical materialistic world, take a deep breath and relinquish every ounce of what the god is presenting us. He is writing our story in its way. Embrace it! Let’s be passionate about what comes next.
Take a break from meeting everyone’s needs at the same time while giving hold of our own. Let’s learn to prioritize things and achieve them all one by one, in bits and pieces.
Let’s take a long break, definitely, from the vicious mental circle, reverberate over the knocking voice that comes from deep down the soul. Listen quietly to what it is saying to us. Let us all ponder what we are, who we are, and what we want. Why do we always feel for something in a certain way situationally? What hurts us? What do we love about friends, family or ourselves? Just like we have a slo-mo video option to create videos in slow motion, let us all relax our senses in that way. Sparkle the PEACE that we went out of, or faded away from our lives. Most importantly, ACT ON THE FEEL!
We can also be friends with a different side of us that we’ve been fearful of always. Let us add masala to the life we’ve been living. Let us Explore ourselves! Let us bring a change we might’ve been longing for a certain amount of time. Experiment. Change. Explore. Let’s Open our horizons. Be cheerful.

All of it is necessary to implement at times when we’re witnessing a kind of living crisis. It feels like we’re driving a car on a highway with a constant running average speed with no peer cars to compete with. Ugh! Or maybe, we are too competitive while hitting the road that we can’t afford to take a chill pill. On this note, we all need to put a subtle break, reflect and ask ourselves ‘What is happening around me?’. This question seems simple to answer, but going deep into it can give answers to many of our undeniable questions running across our busy brains. Although, we never find solutions to every problem we are sinking into. We have set a long list of expectations from everything and everyone, including god (for those who are believers). Expectations can not be met ‘always’. What else can we do when we know we might go meet a dead end?

“Take a BREAK!”

Thank you, readers
Kanishka Joshi



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