Kanishka Joshi
1 min readJul 3, 2022


Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

Life is a prism
You drench your soul in its colorful rhythm
Life is a River
You dip down beneath the line of silver
Life is a flower
You’re spellbound in the fragrance it infuses
It is like a Song
Of which you cannot get enough of
While it still holds some value in you
You got to sip it bit by bit.
Life just flows!
You got to dance on the beats it throws
Are you not happy that you have a life to relish?
And a soul of your own to cherish?
You have eyes to see
Feel for those who leave the world unseen.
You have air to breathe
Feel for those who are left with nothing to seize
You have wealth to keep
Feel for those who have no shed on their head to sleep

Your life seeks pleasure
Make every moment worthwhile of your leisure.
Quench your thirst in every ounce of it
You may not get it back, once you lose it.

Thank you, Readers
Kanishka Joshi



Kanishka Joshi

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