Kanishka Joshi
1 min readJul 23, 2023


Love for me is a cloud.
It spheres me around.

It’s like a sun that never sets.
Cushions me with warmth at its best.

It’s the rover rushing in speed.
A rush that skips my heartbeat.

And may be a bird that’s cooing,
Pleasing my ears while the day’s setting.

A sensation that uplifts my soul.
A passionate hug which keeps me close.

Might I say, it feels like meditation?
Holding on to every breath in rejuvenation.

Once upon a time, I was praying harder than ever,
“I wish he could be mine forever!”

“Can the miracles work in my favor some day?”
I recall now- what made me think this way?

As I believe in “MIRACLES”
And that, it always works for me.

Now I behold my eyes and look at you.
My drowning dreams are alive because of you.

While you sit, eat, breathe or rest,
I withhold those moments and whisper to myself,
“You’re the Best!”

We promised to never be apart.
With the exchange of vows, we also promised to keep each other’s hearts.

Today, I wish that my prayers of a lifetime last long.
I be with you, and you with me. This is where we were supposed to belong.




Kanishka Joshi

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