My Birthday Bumps to Life

Kanishka Joshi
2 min readOct 25, 2020

It’s EVE!! (25 October’ 20)

This is where the enthralling experience of the special date begins. Awaited surprises, ready to receive multiple messages and calls, anonymous wishes bringing up curiosity, midnight cake cutting cravings, gifts, video calls and emotions reaching out to the infinite sky.
Oh my! I am too engrossed in my current status at the moment. The surreal feeling that Bedazzling birthday brings washes away all the reasons to frown for.
“The Birthday Bumps” and the “Partayyyy de!” phase are the only things that scare you off.

Just an hour away from my birth date, 26th October 2020, I have decided to free myself even from the pains these two phrases cause to my body, heart and the wallet.

With this, I do not mean you will face no more physical pain your friends and family give with the increasing count of your age. Or your expensive treats turn wallet-friendly with my mantra. No false hopes here!
Well, The Birthday bumps and the Party objective, in my brain, can be interpreted in a way that feels blissful, satisfying and WORTH it. Birthday bumps to life for me is to discover what special you can do to yourself and to the world around you. Baking cake or pampering yourself in the parlours or expecting surprises from people around you is something you do every year. You feel beautiful, confident and ecstatic inside-out. You grow a year older, you glow with joy because you receive an abundance of positivity from all around. Everyone makes you feel special, you recognise how important are you for them all.
Just a question to self, How do you make yourself feel special? How much do you appreciate yourself? Do you want to make an effort that glorifies your inner-strength, maybe, an act of goodness?
Today, I promise myself to write every good thing I love about myself. I want to please myself with the significance of my existence. My Journal and a Pen is all I need.
Today, I promise myself to visit the temple and meditate to strengthen my foundation and to empower my presence in the world today.

Today, I promise myself to Act in Kindness for a Good deed, howsoever it may be. I choose to feed stray animals. I’ll make chapatis for the cows. (And that’s a Treat at my part)

These are “My Birthday Bumps to Life” in a unique way.

A few Experiences in Life can be an escape from a Mundane Routine and can bring tranquillity and harmony from within. One day, every year can make your life better. It is all worth it!

P.S Have an Awesome Birthday Kanishka Joshi. Best Wishes to myself! ;)

Thank you,Readers.



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