The Binary Existence

Kanishka Joshi
3 min readMay 10, 2022


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Story 1- It, me!
While spending a mesmerising evening, I lit up my room with comforting yellow focus lights. My music system did not fail to soothe my ears with my favourite playlist in the play. I lay on my bed and hung my legs straight in the air. Simply looking at my feet intricately. My nails, the cuticles, the fingers, how wide and huge my feet look. My nails were, by the way, dazzling with the dark red tone. I loved looking at them. Moving onto my legs, I could see the hair growth. Which did not feel too good.

I go to the washroom. I see my reflection in the mirror. “Oh, yeah! I like my pretty face. But oops, I see my double chin. I lost my double chin last year, why the heck am I regaining it? I workout though.” My eyes move to my tyre belly. I squish it tightly to see how thin can I get if I lose my fat. I am in a deep ‘I-don’t-wanna-get-fat’ syndrome.
Too much detailed, isn’t it? But why I am saying it all here? Good question.

Too much detailed, isn’t it? But why I am saying it all here? Good question.

Story 2- My Life in a Metro
I like to travel by metro. Especially in the ‘Women Coach’. Every time I travel in that coach, I look at my co-passengers- the WOMEN. Well, don’t take me wrong here. Coz what I see when I look at them is how beautiful each woman is. Irrespective of their caste, colour complexion, fat or lean, creed, religion or race, they are “the women”. Stitched with a thousand imperfections, struggling each day to survive and trying to live life on their terms.
Besides, is that all?

Story 3- My Brother
His wish- Very simple! “A Balanced Life”. A balance between work, family, health and career. However, he encounters many disappointments to make his wish turn into reality. Still, he puts all his efforts to pull it off.
Is it so easy to make it work as it is expected always? Can a man attain an ideal life without failing? Doesn’t a man fight for survival every single day of his life?

Three different stories. It can be summed up in one word- “STRUGGLE”. All our lives are spent struggling with our community, our family or our friends in some cases, or we struggle with our thoughts, expectations, wants and needs for survival.

Each individual is passing through tough times on their terms. There are uncountables issues in the non-existing as well as the existing world. It may be an individual’s, or their immediate relations, then the community crisis and then lies the world crisis. Nobody on this earth can find a resolution to all the problems.

And then my realisation strikes at 1:30 a.m. that our life fluctuates between 0 and 1. Till the time our heart is beating and we are breathing the air to claim our existence we signify Life as 1. The ‘’1’ lends us the force to LIVE, fighting against all the worries that pinch our souls.

The moment we lose the connection with our beating heart and our lungs stop functioning, our life turns 0. And we are soooo dead. We lost our consciousness of this world completely. What can be done then, when we are cut adrift from this present world. Only our energy works then, I guess.

Maybe our existence is not robotic but is quite ‘human’ in nature. However, the fact of curating our wrong deeds, or reasons of despair, sadness, regret, anxiety, struggles or hatred shall find a way to repair till we truly exist as ONE.

For the ending note, all I can recall is one of my favourite dialogues,
Jiyo, khush raho, muskurao..Kya pata, kal ho naa ho!”

Jo hai, aaj hai doston. Zero banne se pehle apne life ke Hero bann jao 😉. Apni zindagi se pyaar kare, chalo!

Thank you, dear readers
Kanishka Joshi



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