The Valentines I see every day

Kanishka Joshi
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It was arranged. Their parents meet, the guy and the girl see each other. The girl is too homely while the guy seems okayish. The man’s family is good, good enough to take care of the girl for her entire life. “Do you want to take it forward, bitiya?” her father asks. The girl is quiet. Blank, yet sure. “Okay!”, she exclaims. “Done it is then. Let’s make it official.” And soon the marriage rituals begin. Families get together in the girl’s town and get them married soon.

This is the story of a man and a woman, who carry mediocre feelings for each other within their hearts, but never did they know, their lives become exceptionally beautiful as they end up together by the blessings of Gods from up above in the heaven. A tale that begins in the year 1990.

She is a person who wants to define her life on her own terms. She is self-made, confident, and is an epitome of beauty inside out. With the falling years of her life, she is a rising star. This lady is unstoppable. Down the lane, she has emerged as the “Woman of her own dreams”.
Whereas, the man has a saintly bosom. He is driven by his emotional quotient which is not easily seen in men these days. A person who is looked up to by everyone who has known him by his pious nature. He is bound by morals and ethics. No matter how hard it is for the world to accept an “old school” thought process, he has strengthened his values and given the same to his kids as a legacy. His approach to life is simple, yet too deep. The man’s strength is his Moral philosophy.

This is how beautifully God binds you with someone who is NOT you, instead, is someone who MAKES you. When two ‘imperfect’ individuals
promise their love in the vows for life, makes them a ‘perfect’ pair. If someone asks me what Love is, “It is like a jigsaw puzzle. What one piece does not have, is made to fit into the other piece. Which all together, makes a big pretty picture”.

Love evolves gradually. And the same happened for this lovely couple. Perfection does not mean that there are no fights, compromises, hurtful situations or anger for each other.
It is life. Everything has to happen. Every emotion has to be touched by heart. Some are known by words, some are known by expressions.
When they both began with their lives together, there were difficulties of course. Adjustments and the struggle to know each other. Building an understanding, and trying to lay a stronger foundation with someone you have not known for a long time. Vows are taken while going round the seven circles holding hands around the “Agni” is a ceremony that has to be celebrated for the rest of the lives for every single day. It takes time. And as time evolved, so did they evolve together.
Bringing up a family, with kids, work, their personal space and the day-to-day struggle becomes a normal part and parcel of life.

“Where is the love?” if you ask me (please ask me), I would describe it as follows (and this is my favourite part).

“Anju, are you not feeling well? I’ll do the kitchen work don’t worry.” and he cooks a complete meal with all his heart to feed his family.
“Aap na exercise nahi karte, please kara karo. You need to keep yourself fit”, and she reminds him every day concerning his health.
“Gungun, your mom needs tickling. You take the left arm, I’ll take the right”, and he makes her laugh with all the tickles and even gets hurt with her self-defence rapid hand movements, well-known as slaps.
“You care too much, do not bind your heart tightly with the world around you.” and so, she sits beside him protecting his genial heart from all the fussy people around.
“You need a head massage. Sit up straight.” With all the affection, he cutely smiles and gives the best massage to his lovely wife.
“Your dad loves to have pakoras with chutney when it's raining. And it's too cloudy I see. Let’s make vegetable pakoras”. His food-love becomes her priority.
He is adoring his better half over her cute gestures, talks and unstoppable silly laughter while she is awestruck by his passionate lovable selfless acts he performs every day, knowingly or unknowingly.
And all the random laughs and giggles and light-hearted warm cosy emotions bring them close.

Choti-choti pyaari- pyaari baatein define L-O-V-E.

I have watery eyes. Because this loveable couple equals my parents. It's them ❤. This is their story. I’ve heard it all. My mum always claims it was too simple as it happened. But it's uncommon for me because it is my parents' life history. It's just ordinary. But love is extra-ordinary that I see in their eyes.
These are the small acts of fondness that bring them closer every day. You see, its already 30 years and they’re inseparable. Valentine’s day celebrates Love.
I celebrate the love of my parents.
Happy Valentine’s Day, Lovers!

Thank you, dear readers,

Kanishka Joshi



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