What’s the driving force?

Kanishka Joshi
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“There is a tingling sensation in my heart, my soul feels elevated. I can sense a beautiful magic spell has been cast all over me. With every breath I take, my heart pounds a little faster. I have no words.”, Shreya expressed.

“Hey, are you in love?”, the friend excitedly interrogated.

“I guess I am..”, she responded pleasantly placing her hand on the heart.

Shreya: “Maybe, it has always been love which is the driving force for all the actions an individual takes in his or her life. If what I hold for him in my heart is true love, I guess I am in the state to do anything and cross even the toughest of situations just to have him in my life. The feeling has to be mutual though, of course. Conditions apply*.”

Friend: “I am of course the happiest person on earth to witness how deeply and intensely my friend has fallen in love. However, I am curious to know more about your statement.

What do you mean when you say that Love is the only ‘Driving Force’ for any act a person does?”

Shreya: “Okay, for example, let us not state love romantically, and look it the other way round. If a small kid enjoys playing with toys, they will throw tantrums in front of their parents just to have that toy, if they do not agree in one go. Or, if a person likes to serve the unprivileged, he or she might join an NGO or start one on their own, because there is the driving force of love to lead that act.

Also, LOVE alone is a dead emotion unless the WILLINGNESS to make it all right accompanies that feeling”.

Friend: “Hmmm… So what if this person you dearly love, does not love you back with the same strength that you hold for him (out of your willpower) to have him by your side always?

Would you still say that love between you two is rational? Is ‘Love’ and the ‘willful nature’ enough for you both to survive the storms of a relationship?”

Shreya: “Hahaaa… Of course not. All my life I’ve had the urge to be selfless in love just to make sure that the relationship does not break. But now, I have discovered that ‘willingness’ should never lead to ‘selflessness’.

The Will that I hold in my heart to Love someone unconditionally, shall never mean that I forget myself, my self-respect and my limitations.

At times, in such a bond, someone or the other has to draw boundaries to outgrow a relationship and make it unbreakable, in a healthy way. Love is a sentiment that is generated straight from the heart, and the mind brings the strength to confine and limit the ‘rights’ and the ‘wrongs’. Only after that, the power to grow together rises.

Just like an elastic, every relationship must have a refined tensile strength which brings both the flexibility to mould, along with the limit beyond which the relationship could break. It should neither be too fragile nor hold undefined flexibility”.

Friend: “So by this you mean, with love as the driving force, extremism to bear the worst of situations shall be limited. Which comes with the rational thinking of the brain?”

Shreya: “Precisely! …

The depth of everything we see, touch or feel comes with the intense feeling of love. Neither the brain nor the heart can be the lone survivors in a situational war.

It doesn’t matter in which boat you’re sailing in, rational or emotional, life teaches you lessons with your every action which helps you to create a balance between your heart and the mind till the time you learn the skill to stabilize them.

In the end, my friend what you gain out of it is the Gift of God. You may either end up having that special one with you forever or, you may lose him or her in a stormy way. The result will always be known as the Gift of God, and a Lesson to learn”.

Dear Readers

I pray that the driving force of Love keeps you alive and fearless. I wish you cherish every bit of it, and it fills your life vividly with gorgeous vibrant colours.

Stay happy, stay blessed.

Thank you,

Kanishka Joshi



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