When my Heart chose to LOVE ❤

Kanishka Joshi
5 min readMay 22, 2021


The first answer I receive while I question myself “What happens to me in Love?”
“It is just inexplicable. What to say? How to explain?
This is an emotion where words fall short to fill in the depth of it.”

It is a holy prayer that I recite, and my words start to rhyme.
When the entire world is in the fight, but your heart swings in its own chime.
Or when hunger strikes, you don’t have a penny or a dime, and still, with all your love you share your last plate of rice.
It is purity. It is divine. And I guess, it is the world’s sweetest crime”

Indeed! It is what it is. Love makes you capable of magnifying your own abilities. It makes you ‘feel’ for something or someone intensively. You create a bountiful world around yourself where you feel unique, special, different, serene.
One mystical fact about this intense emotion is that “You can fall in love with anything or anyone, with your own control.” So, elaborating this statement, here comes an instance from my life.
For the past few days, I have been wondering to adopt a baby plant. And being honest, I have never been a plant person. Being true to self and to this fact, I questioned myself how it would be to have a constant companion around me? What if I adopt a cute little plant that could be placed in my room. I would talk to it, day or night. I would take care of it, nourish it, just like I would do it to my baby. The most important question that comes into play is, “Would I be able to ‘Love’ something I have never been into?” And my answer to it is in affirmation.
The entire world running in front of your eyes and that you witness every day can be greeted with love and affection. It is the easiest task because you do have a heart. The Present that is held ‘Right Now’ is the prettiest. Even though, tough times might tear us apart and you do not want to have a liking for it. But my dear friend, what it is NOW can be petted and accepted the way it is. All the negative emotions that are experienced and disgusted by you can turn your current scenario into a harmless phase of life. Love is nothing but your Surrenderance to any object. So, when you surrender your emotions Right now, at this moment you’re breathing into, you will attain Peace. Try to feel like you actually adore it and let all the negative petty bundle of emotions go. Letting it go helps to lighten up your soul and release all of it you are holding on to tightly. Just Let It Go!. Once you let it go, you would observe that the magic has already happened, and you’re in Love. Simple!

Surrendrance also gives meaning to ‘Acceptance ’. With acceptance, you are opening the gates of your mind to ample opportunities and great possibilities that the Universe might present forth you, to your surprise. Whatever is happening currently, has two causes. One, which was written as ‘Destiny’ in your Life Journal by God (remains unchangeable), and Two, the choices you make as directed by the energy waves you radiate in the Universe.

Love does not come by Choice, it is true.
But Love can bring Harmony, if it is put into every element of Life “by Choice’’.

And what can we do when it does not come by Choice? When it happens, “Just Like That”?
Well, well, well.. Jab dil se “Love ka Agreement” kar hi liya to koi sawal hi nahi uthta.
On this note, I would like to share one of my realizations. Love makes you Strong, not feeble. Love gives you reasons to fight with your own terminals, and it is not meant to destroy you. Love makes you capable of loving yourself, and not lead to self-hatred. It definitely gives you the reasons to introspect and make amendments for your own good. But it does not give you the authority to lose your own spark, just to get to the moon so far.

People say that it is tough to love someone so hard. It is like a cactus you want to hug and keep close to forever. My answer to it is, “Embrace, how you perceive love as an emotion.” It is okay if you miss him/her even if you’re not in touch anymore. It is okay to recall good/bad memories when you are away from each other, it is okay to fight at times, it is absolutely okay if you’re hurting at any point in time. These reasons shall never be the reason for hatred or giving rise to egoistic issues of any sort. Just embrace them, enjoy them, experience goodness in it, and let it leave with ease. And even when you loathe the prevailing storm, Time is the biggest healer and all of it shall pass.

When I say, “I love something or someone”, there are some unsaid, unspoken agreements that I make to myself.

When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to lend myself to it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to devote myself to it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to relish each moment I am living with it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to sense every good & bad thing about it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to cherish what it was and what it is.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to keep myself safe from it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to grasp my own hands through it.
When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to keep my peace with what the reality is.
And When my Heart chose to Love ❤,
I agreed to love myself unconditionally, no matter what it is.

I hope you all find love in every breath you take in…

Thank you, Readers,
Kanishka Joshi



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